What is a cookie?

Cookies are tiny data files that some websites place on your computer or other device(s) when you visit the website. Cookies are linked to the machine you use to visit a website and not to you as an individual. Unless you login or provide personal data through your use of a website, no personal information is collected.

Cookies are commonly used by websites to remember some aspect of your current or previous visit. This could include things like the choices you’ve made or preferences you’ve chosen during your visit. Websites commonly do this in order to improve or tailor your current and future visits to that site or other related sites.

One example may be when you visit a site that you have been to before, that site may use a cookie to check what information you’ve looked at previously to get an idea of the topics that may be of interest to you.

The information stored in a cookie can only be read by the website that placed the cookie or other sites that it has agreed to share information with. Morning Flowers does not share information with any other sites.

Cookies can be classified into persistent or session and first party or third party, explained below.

• Session cookies are created temporarily when you a visit a website, for example to remember your information entered in a form when navigating to different pages. They do not contain any personal information about you and are deleted when you leave the site.

• Persistent cookies (also called a stored or permanent cookie) are used to collect information such as web surfing behaviour or preferences for a specific website. These cookies are not deleted when you leave the website, but expire after a set period.
• First or third party cookies – these describe whether the cookies are issued by the website that you are currently visiting (first party) or by a different site (third party).

Why is this important?

The EU privacy law came into effect on 26 May 2011 and the UK government gave website owners until 25 May 2012 to comply. This law means that we must let you know what cookies we use. The law aims to give you greater control over your online privacy. For more information, please visit the The Information Commissioner’s website.

At Morning Flowers we are committed to protecting your privacy and security and we are committed to ensure that we maintain compliance with the Cookie law.

Our policy on cookies

Our policy is to use cookies only to improve the way we do business with you or when they’re essential to the way the site works.

The type of activities we may use cookies for are to:

• store details that help you to manage accounts and policies online, such as user login details
• find out how people use our sites, such as how often they visit, which pages they go to, and which links they click on, so that we can improve our sites
• help us to provide relevant information, such as details of products, services and other information that you may be interested in
• store information about which media players you use so that any video content appears correctly.

Morning Flowers does not use any cookies to store any personal data or other data that could be used to identify you as an individual.

Controlling cookies

You can control whether to accept or refuse cookies and to delete cookies that have already been set. This can be done through your web browser.